Our portfolio

Boiler Service

Although we offer to service all types of boilers and burners, we specialise in Aalborg equipment.

Our burner core competence:
Steam Atomizing Burners
Rotary Cup Burners
Pressure Jet Burners

Our control system core competence:
Relay control with PLC or sequence box

Pipe installation

We are fully capable of supervising all piping installations. We have many years of pipe work experience and all the knowledge required about fluid dynamics, welding, piping and components to ensure a correct and successful installation.

Component replacement or upgrade

Whether the client is planning to upgrade an old/broken component or simply just replace it, we have the expert knowledge to guide the client to make the correct decisions. Our experience has taught us that what is perfect for one client can be wrong for another. Therefore, our choices are custom-made to meet the client’s needs.

Retrofit MGO upgrades

Since 2010, when the first law regarding mandatory operation on low sulphur fuels in Emission Control Areas (ECA) became effective, preparing boilers to be able to operate on marine gas oil (MGO) has been a large part of most boiler-companies portfolio. Our service engineers were among the very first service engineers to complete retrofitted MGO upgrades on existing boiler systems. Nowadays, after our service engineers have completed more than 60 retrofit MGO upgrades, we are among the very few active service engineers in Europe, who actually have field experience with MGO upgrades. 
Due to our experience, we know the issues -which typically occurs during a MGO commissioning and we fully understand the importance of a reliable MGO system. Therefore, we believe WWMA is the safest choice to ensure a correct installation of any MGO upgrade the client desire.

Spare Parts

We have purchasing accounts at most major spare part suppliers (Siemens, Ari Armaturen, Linak, E&H, etc.) and can deliver most of the common parts for burners and boilers. 

We collaborate with a highly-qualified company that refurbishes old/broken Unisab controllers. Thereby, we can offer newly refurbished Unisab controllers at a very favourable price. The price of refurbished Unisab controllers starts at EUR 2300 and is based on a “swap” of controllers, where we receive the old controller. As of January 2023, we have sold/installed more than 30 refurbished Unisab controllers to highly satisfied clients, and all of the controllers have functioned perfectly since.

Furthermore, we always have stock of several Aalborg Mission control room computers. 

Boiler Commissioning

Commissioning takes time, often relatively long, meaning a standard commissioning project typically lasts 2-4 weeks. Due to our client-friendly prices, there are substantial cost savings by using WWMA to complete the project. The service engineers at WWMA have completed numerous commissioning jobs and are well aware of the issues that can typically occur during a project and how to solve them. Therefore, we can provide the required service at a very favourable price, whether the project is a new commissioning, a retrofit commissioning or a recommissioning.


5-year docking boiler service

During our time at Aalborg, we learned that many clients are interested in giving the boiler system a complete service/overhaul while the vessel has its 5-year dry dock service. Since we established WWMA, these dry dock services have evolved into the keystone of our operation, and we are currently completing one dry dock service per month on average.