Leave your boiler service to us

Because we understand the importance of a correctly operating boiler system.




Whether steam is required for heating, cleaning or to power pumps or turbines, we understand steam is crucial to operate a safe and sound vessel. By using WWMA to perform the boiler service, the client is guaranteed a top-motivated and highly qualified service engineer who will focus on offering the best possible service in order to live up to our high standards.

Size Doesn’t Matter, Knowledge and Experience Does

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We aim to be the best in the field, but we know it requires hard work and dedication.

Even though we want to be the best, we are well aware that we are only as good as the last completed project. Therefore, we are committed to making every single service perfect. We know the cornerstone of our business is our clients and our ability to service them in the best possible way. Moreover, we know the best way to keep a loyal client base is to ensure every client feels that they have had the best service money can buy. We know the foundation for a successful service is that the problem is eliminated and the boiler system is operational again. However, we are aiming for the best, so we are not satisfied with just successful. We believe we can elevate the final result from successful to perfect by ensuring proper communication and using our proactive experience to locate and solve problems before they occur.

Why choose WWMA?

The simple answer:
Because we are the best and cheapest on the marked.
......but we know there is more to it.

Competitive Prices

We offer top-quality service at prices that are typically 25-40% lower than our competitors.

Top-qualified Experts

We believe experience, knowledge and hard work are key to a successful service. Even though we are a small company with only three employees, a fact some people may choose to see as a weakness, we choose to see it as our strength. We believe the client can benefit from this by always being guaranteed a direct line of communication and a fast response. The service engineers have more than 10 years of experience at Alfa Laval Aalborg, and with the more than 700 successful service projects, we have completed for them, we are among the most experienced boiler service engineers in the world.

24-hour Service

We offer around-the-clock hotline service and guarantee the fastest possible call-out of our top-motivated service engineers.