General service rates

Service Enginner - Working Hours

120 / hour

Service Engineer - Travel and Waiting Hours

€105 / hour

Subsistence allowance per day - To cover food and minor purchases

€85 / day

Transport in a private car will be settled at €0.75 per kilometre.

All expenses for airline tickets, hotels, taxi, etc., are subject to a 10% administration fee.

Prices do not include tax, VAT or any fee that may be added locally.

For work on off-shore installations, which requires a valid off-shore certificate (i.g. oil platforms etc.), the working hours rate is: 115 €/hour 

Save your Money

The following example is based on a typical 5-year dry dock overhaul service of a boiler system with two boilers

The example includes two 8 hours travel days and five 12 hours working days.

World Wide Marine Automation price

Service Engineer - Travel hours

(2 days x 8 hours per day x €105)


Service Engineer - Working hours

(5 days x 12 hours per day x €120)


7 days subsistence allowance

(7 days x €85)


100 km transport in privat car

(100 km x €0.75)


Transport, Hotel, Taxi, Etc.


Administration fee - 10%

(€(75+1500) x 0.1)